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TORIGEN Chicken Ramen Debut!


Here's the masterpiece of rich chicken broth ramen, finally launched in our food court! Read through the descritpion given by its ramen artisan of the firing passion! Your lunch of the day is settled.

> Torigen Broth: Our ramen broth is made from carefully selected premium quality chicken bones, feet, thighs, and vegetables. These ingredients are then cooked in a specially designed high-pressure cooker directly imported from Japan, resulting in a rich and creamy broth filled with the 'essence of chicken'.

>Torigen Chicken Chashu: By souse low temperature cooking our chicken chashu and then marinating it in our in-house specialty-made sauce, our chef has created chashu that is not only juicy and tender but also full of flavor.

>Torigen Chicken Gyoza: Rich in collagen, our signature Tori Paitan broth is mixed with the fillings of our gyoza, resulting in an intense burst of juicy umami flavor that spreads across one’s taste buds with every bite.