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Happy White Day!

14 March 2020


Have you ever heard of White Day ホワイトデー ? 14th March, exactly 1 month after Valentine’s Day, is White Day in Japan. 

In Japan, 14th February Valentine’s Day is celebrated by women who present chocolate gifts to express their love or appreciation. There are two types of chocolate presents given depending on the recipient: honmei-choco (本命チョコ) (chocolate of love) for men who are actually loved, or giri-choco (義理チョ) (courtesy chocolate) for men who are appreciated (colleagues, bosses, others).

On 14th March, White Day (ホワイトデー) one month after Valentine’s Day is the reverse of Valentine’s day when men who received on Valentine’s Day reciprocate giving presents to the female givers. The most popular gifts on White Day are white chocolate, lingerie, marshmallows, cookies or jewellery.  Men are expected to give gifts valued three-times the value of the chocolate they received on Valentine’s Day. This is called 三倍返し (sanbaigaeshi).

Happy White Day!  ハッピーホワイトデー!